Women Writers and Classics

This network brings together academics and creative practitioners to explore women writers’ responses to Classics, at a key moment after #MeToo when women’s voices are being recovered from the margins. Critically, institutional divides between academia and practice have meant that women writers’ re-voicing of the ancient world, and the research that explores it, are currently operating in isolation. Similar disciplinary boundaries are keeping researchers working on different languages and periods in women’s writing from theorising and sharing their work. This network forges across disciplinary and research/practice boundaries to increase knowledge of women’s receptions of Classics, to develop understanding and insight into methods for studying women’s writing and Classics, and to translate that dialogue into a broader engagement with the public.

We are currently in the process of organising a conference for the Women Writers and Classics Network in June 2021. For more details, please see the Conference page or email e.hauser@exeter.ac.uk or h.taylor@exeter.ac.uk.

Some of our current members include:

See more about our members on the Members page. We are always interested in hearing from potential new members or other academics and practitioners who would be interested in collaborating with us, so please do get in touch: see details on the Contact page.